Meet The Crew

Born in Nashville and based out of Brooklyn, we are all about going against the grain and doing things our way.

We like skateboarding. We like BMX. Hell, we love cycling in general. So, that’s what Brooklyn Workshop is all about.

Whether you love those things too or are curious about them and just testing out the waters, so to speak, the team here at Brooklyn Workshop is here for you.

We don’t claim to know everything that there is to know about skateboards or cycles. We’re just a group of friends who are passionate about the same things coming together here to share what we know with you.


Marcus Walker – Marcus lives on his skateboard and can usually be found trying out new tricks down at Cooper Skate Park.

nyc skateboard

Vanessa Newton – Vanessa is a tattoo artist by day and a sick BMX rider by night. And don’t tell her I said it, but she’s pretty dope on her longboard too.

nyc skateboard

Brandon Hill – Brandon boasts the most broken bones of our crew and he’s never met a grind rail that he couldn’t fall off of!

nyc skateboard